STRONG Education takes a special approach to MBA admissions coaching. Our success rates are high due to our client-centered approach, robust methodology, and originality not found in the mass market. We bring a great deal of experience and passion to helping you reach your MBA objectives. Even in the face of an increasingly competitive applications environment, we continue to create champions that enter top schools:



Wharton, Columbia

Chicago, MIT, Kellogg

Harvard, Emory, Duke

UCLA, Berkeley, Stanford

NYU, Michigan, Babson

Tuck, Thunderbird




London Business School

Oxford, Cass,

Cranfield, Warwick

Instituto de Empresa




MIT Sloan Fellows

LBS EMBA & Sloan

Chicago EMBA




After many years international experience with MBA admissions, executive training, B-Schools, and professional performance coaching, we developed an approach that is both an art and a science. By applying The STRONG Education’s coaching dimensions of Expertise & Efficiency, Cutting-Edge Pedagogy, and Spirit of Success, we demystify the application process, making it less stressful and our clients more successful in creating strategy, positioning, and presentation best suited to the MBA programs they target.

MBA Coaching Process

The STRONG Education’s personalized coaching support and comprehensive methodology lets you effectively manage all aspects of the application:

Due diligence: The importance of the discovery process is often underestimated. Yet by taking time to explore your background, we strengthen the coaching relationship, uncover facts, and find themes that create a solid foundation from which to fly.

Strategy Positioning: Crafting an intriguing application with structure, balance, and style begins with a compelling, fact-based story and vision that differentiate you. This is where our profound experience and creativity truly pay off for our champions.

Essays: Once we have a compelling message, we help you create exceptional essays 100% inspired by your real life facts to effectively convey well-thought out objectives, important personality traits, and your unique history.

Recommendation Letters: Consider the recommendations not a requirement but an opportunity. By strategically planning your recommenders and their intervention, we support and powerfully enhance your application.

Interview: Your application was great, and now it’s time to shine in person. The STRONG MBA’s innovative yet simple techniques and performance coaching have proven remarkably effective in helping you close the deal during the interview.

MBA Coaching Values

Your success in getting accepted to top schools defines our mission. Put simply, we can only be successful in this mission if our clients are successful in reaching their objectives. The STRONG Education coaching approach is guided by powerful values that have been crystallized and proven through many years of experience and many successful client cases:

Champions don’t have to be superheroes.

Looking at typical MBA profiles and the sheer number of capable people applying, candidates can get discouraged: “There’s nothing special about me. I’m just an ordinary manager (or consultant, engineer, analyst, entrepreneur, etc.)”. In effect, there are many other people applying. But there is only one you. We help future champions discern their particular talent, professional development, and vision that will uniquely contribute to the MBA course.

Set realistic goals and achieve ambitious objectives.

If a potential client’s chances are slim due to inadequate GMAT score or professional experience, we know that honesty pays off for everyone in the long-run. However having helped clients enter top schools with less than optimum scores or histories, we know how to look for potential. So if we feel you can make it despite certain weaknesses – and we are usually right about such things – we commit fully to your case and push you to the championship level.

Get short-term results with long-term benefits.

The STRONG MBA’s immediate imperative and measure of success is getting you into the MBA programs you want to attend. At the same time, because we use powerful coaching methodology inspired by executive career development, clients point to more profound benefits. Many of the competencies you gain will remain and move with you for life. We see you as a potential leader and train you like one.

MBA - Success Stories

  • MBA - Success Stories
    Here are some of the success stories our clients shared about their applications and how they were able to get accepted into top programs with the help of expert coaching and personalized guidance from STRONG EDUCATION. We believe that, like them, you have the potential to bring out your best to make a convincing story for MBA admissions committees.  
  • Annabelle G. - Accepted UCLA (GMAT 690)
    "For the application, you have to put everything you’ve done into perspective. A big part of the process is introspection. My Coach really helped me with this. The day you experience this kind of coaching, you realize that you could have never made without it an application of this level, depth, and sincerity. I thought about who I was and how I was going to communicate that to...
  • Arlette A. - Admitted WHARTON, KELLOGG (GMAT 650)
    "The admissions process for the best MBAs is more and more selective. Distinguishing myself from other competing candidates was a veritable challenge. I was able to meet this challenge with great success thanks to Alexander, my coach.  His aid was decisive and crucial. This story was authentically mine but the way it was told and how it presented me was optimized thanks to him....
  • David N. - Accepted BERKELEY, UCLA, LBS, IESE (GMAT 640)
    "Applying to the best MBAs with a 640 GMAT was a challenge. Thanks to my Coach Alexander's efficient method, we built a step by step application strategy to personalize my story and highlight my strengths. Then in the interviews, I was self-confident and perfectly prepared for any challenging question. The coaching was effective. I applied to 4 major MBA programs and received offers...
  • Andrés C. - Accepted EMORY, BABSON, CRANFIELD, +100% Tuition
    “A fantastic 100% success rate for all 6 schools and full tuition scholarship. One of the keys of my tremendous success was Coach Alexander's ability to help with the essays. I was able to find the best aspects of my personality and work experience, choose the best examples for each aspect, order and relate ideas, and express them in the best manner.”
  • Xavier P. - Accepted LBS, IMD, INSEAD
    “Thanks to your great help, I have been accepted to LBS, IMD, and INSEAD.Your assistance has been instrumental in my acceptances and in achieving that in such a short period. Working with you has been a pleasure, and I recommend your coaching to everyone who asks.”
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