STRONG Education takes a different approach to GMAT training. You will never be just another body in a class. To us you are a future MBA graduate and professional, part of our select client network of MBAs and graduates from the world’s top schools.

Do you want to begin GMAT preparation correctly and accelerate as quickly and efficiently as possible? Or are you someone who has already done self-study or followed a prep class but failed to reach your desired GMAT level? Whatever your case, STRONG Education trains you as a potential GMAT champion and helps you get results.

With a focused, accelerated learning environment including both tools and the know-how to use them to shortcut the usually tedious test-prep process, STRONG Education approach makes you Kryptonite-proof in every section.

Through instructive, informative and enjoyable training emphasizing practical application, our “GMAT athletes” become more nimble in their thinking and directed in their attention and test behaviour. The constellation of skills that we impart on our GMAT champions gives them both power and grace to solve “difficult” problems with elegance and ease.

GMAT Program

The STRONG GMAT’s innovative and comprehensive GMAT program is like no other. Based on the core, elective, and class cohort structure of top MBA schools, it is designed to make you progress fast.

The full program is comprised of two intensive STRONG GMAT CORE Week-ends with Coaching Lunches and STRONG GMAT Accelerators sessions designed in a complementary, multi-dimensional training approach for maximum results. To accelerate further, STRONG Private Coaching gives you individually tailored one-on-one instruction with Europe’s most experienced GMAT coach.

Whatever your level or situation, the intensive STRONG GMAT CORE program is the best place to start to make yourself better, faster, and stronger at all levels. If you are new to the GMAT, the Core will put you on the fast track and create a sturdy foundation on which to build. If you are GMAT experienced but failed with another methodology, the Core will help you replace bad habits with new techniques and superior ways to use what you already know. Coaching Lunch sessions give you an excellent opportunity to network with peers and more quality face-time with your coach. In addition to growing your support network, you will have a chance to discuss your profile and get valuable feedback for the applications process.

Week-end 1


“Quant Blaster”

Saturday (10am to 6pm)

• Quant Skills Portfolio

• Problem Solve with Purpose

• The Magic of Efficiency

• High-level Simplification

Sunday (10am to 6pm)

• Executive approach to Data Sufficiency

• Goal Scoping: think better, work less

• Straight to the Cause

• Catalyst Conditioning

Week-end 2


“Verbal Made Easy”

Saturday (10am to 6pm)

• Levering Language Structure

• “No-read” Sentence Correction

• Reasoning Nature & Knowledge

• Arguments: Know before you Go

Sunday (10am to 6pm)

• What Vs. Why

• Passage Archetypes

• Writing: Plug & Play for 5 or 6

• The Bigger Picture


The STRONG GMAT Accelerators reinforce and deepen abilities developed during the core with targeted dexterity training for powerful and consistent performance. You will perfect winning strategies and advanced techniques, strengthen your competitive GMAT spirit, and build test-taking momentum. You will gain mastery of higher ranked questions so you can float like a butterfly and sting like a bee at the 700+ level. Accelerators are also a great opportunity to bring specific GMAT questions to the coach who will follow your individual progress.

Training champions requires special care, Private Coaching provides you with focused individual training. We are used to tailoring programs to address our champions’ specific circumstances and time constraints. Talk with your coach to set up individual training best suited to your particular situation.


Your success drives our reputation. STRONG Education clients obtain superior results thanks to the quality of the coaching relationship, our many years of experience, and the ability to convey ideas and motivate each individual. You will quickly feel the strength of the values that empower the STRONG Education approach and boost your progress.

Achieving the GMAT and MBA goals you set for yourself does not have to be hard but does take motivation and follow-through. If you have the “eye of the tiger”, we will support you with resources and insights to propel you up and up and up.

We know you have the ability to go from good to great with your existing hardware. Doing so is often as simple as changing the software and redirecting your energies. As coaches, we challenge ourselves to make you better, to give you the right mental programming that help you focus on developing the skills and habits of a GMAT champion.

Your MBA and professional goals require regular, applied effort and are well worth this investment. Champions need to keep their inner fire burning as they overcome challenges and advance toward their objectives. We succeed in creating an atmosphere that keeps your motivation strong and confidence growing.

Before taking an Olympic medal, champions experience their share of defeat. We have seen many GMAT champions held back not by lack of effort but by inadequate pedagogy and wasteful study methods. That’s too bad, but it can be fixed. Correct coaching guidance and the dynamic approach of STRONG Education gives you intelligent control of your training so you can go for the gold.

GMAT - Success Stories

  • GMAT - Success Stories
    Here are some of the stories our clients shared about their GMAT preparation journey and how they were able to achieve their objectives. These successful candidates were not superheroes or intellectual geniuses but motivated people like you willing to work for their MBA goals. With good instruction and support from STRONG EDUCATION, their commitment paid off. We believe...
  • Olivier P. - GMAT 760
    "I got a 760, far above my initial goal, after only three months of training, which enabled me to get a top score higher and faster than what I could have obtained working alone. Your classes were not a usual place solving problems with a teacher, but a place to learn special techniques to become efficient and reliable. It was a good place to meet other students who shared...
  • Anne Laure K. - GMAT 760
    "When I began studying for GMAT, I was discouraged. Many courses revised English grammar rules and mathematical formulas while in reality the GMAT required methodology. In a short time with my coach, I learned to maximize efficiency and gain speed with strategies that went straight to the essential. It is THE key thanks to which I obtained 760 on the GMAT."
  • Benoit P.- GMAT 730 (Increase 190 points)
    "My first score was 540. Taking group classes with my coach, I went up 100 points. Great improvement but I wanted to break 700. Coach Alexander played a decisive role: he gave me strong self mental confidence to continue the quest. He helped me get the best GMAT learning techniques and stick to my objective of beating 700. His consistent encouragement helped me to go through...
  • Felipe F. - GMAT 730
    “I was not getting the level for schools like Wharton. A few hours with my Coach Alexander made the difference. His simple yet powerful explanations and alternative ideas increased my score to 730! Sometimes the difference between good and great is the ability to focus on the right points: Alexander knows how to teach students to spot these points. Anyone who is not...
  • Fabien J. - GMAT 720
    "Your quality preparation marked the inflexion point in my GMAT, which I started seeing as a game. I thought the Verbal Section would be my Kryptonite, but your techniques are really great, and I continue to use them now after obtaining 95% in Verbal. Also, I really enjoyed our Math sessions where GMAT always reserves some surprises. You definitely deserve a part of my...
  • Eric L. - GMAT 720 (Increase 80 points)
    "Coach Alexander started by attentively listening to my requirements. Our program focused on the most critical GMAT aspects. I learned to master pressure, save time, and keep concentration. The quality teaching and innovative approach led me to succeed with 720."
  • Christophe P. - GMAT 720
    “Yeaaaaaaaaahhh! I have just taken the GMAT for the second and last time. I got a 720. It is above the average scores of the universities I want to enter. I must say, with your methods, I was cracking the sections that troubled me before. I tell you Coach, you made me into GMAT Jedi master."
  • Basile C. - GMAT 720
    "Alexander's strong energy and commitment allow the students to keep focus on the important topics, and it is very stimulating too! I enjoyed the courses and appreciated the intensive class, a real differentiator from other prep centers."
  • Ludovic L. - GMAT 710
    "I had a personal goal to get over 700 and wanted to achieve it in a short time because I was also working. Alexander's coaching was very important for the GMAT and really accelerated my progress. He helped me understand what to expect and prepared me to perform."
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