Who We Are

Discover Europe’s Most Experienced Coaches and Best Kept Secret:

STRONG Education founding coaches have a successful international track record with GMAT training, MBA applications, and Executive Coaching. We bring unparalleled passion and experience to help you grow your talents and expand your professional future.

The breakthrough programs we developed and refined over the years have proven extremely efficient at creating GMAT champions and successful top-tier MBA applicants.

As the original coaches who pioneered the “MBA Coaching” concept in France many years ago, STRONG Education developed proven methodology and approaches that maximize our clients’ results in entering Top MBA programs, growing their talents, and expanding their professional future.

STRONG Background

Our success rates are high due to an exclusive, client-centered approach, innovating methodology not found in the mass market, and uniquely rich background:

• Unmatched expertise (20+ years coaching in USA & Europe)
• Degrees from American Universities (MBA, Exec, & PhD)
• Taught MBA’s & Executives at US Business Schools
• Created GMAT programs & trained teachers at largest test prep centers (US & Europe)
• Extensive industry & corporate recruiting experience
• Coaching young professionals & senior executives through career transition

STRONG Advantage

STRONG Education’s effectiveness is built on three powerful dimensions:

- EXPERTISE & EFFICIENCY: Conceivably the greatest expertise in the field. During the almost 20 years of rich international experience (including leading instruction and teacher training roles in companies such as Kaplan in the USA and MBA Center in Europe) we have created and managed many GMAT programs and coached thousands of individual MBA applicants and Executives from around the world. Intimately familiar with exam preparation, the application process, and industry practices, STRONG Education leverages its savoir-faire to bring the greatest level of efficiency to accelerating our clients’ progress.

- CUTTING-EDGE PEDAGOGY: Our expertise has been shaped not only by many years of working with MBA and executive education, but through a strong multidisciplinary approach integrating psychology of achievement, sports and business coaching methodology, and extensive research into the technical and psychological skill drivers underlying top performance. Through years of experimentation to discover what does and does not work in test preparation and applications coaching, STRONG Education has designed an innovative pedagogy with sophisticated yet simple techniques that translate into incredible success for our clients.

- SPIRIT OF SUCCESS: Whether you are aiming for and MBA or Executive program, we see you as a champion and train you like one. By definition, top MBA “athletes” who gain entry into competitive programs require special care. They cannot be trained in an impersonal, factory-like atmosphere but require vision and environment of mutual commitment, challenge, inspiration and ongoing support. This is the STRONG Education environment. By keeping groups selectively small, we are able to delivering dynamic training with individual attention and winning results to create elite performers.


  • GMAT - Success Stories
    Here are some of the stories our clients shared about their GMAT preparation journey and how they were able to achieve their objectives. These successful candidates were not superheroes or intellectual geniuses but motivated people like you willing to work for their MBA goals. With good instruction and support from STRONG EDUCATION, their commitment paid off. We believe you can...
  • Olivier P. - GMAT 760
    "I got a 760, far above my initial goal, after only three months of training, which enabled me to get a top score higher and faster than what I could have obtained working alone. Your classes were not a usual place solving problems with a teacher, but a place to learn special techniques to become efficient and reliable. It was a good place to meet other students who shared my frustrations...
  • Anne Laure K. - GMAT 760
    "When I began studying for GMAT, I was discouraged. Many courses revised English grammar rules and mathematical formulas while in reality the GMAT required methodology. In a short time with my coach, I learned to maximize efficiency and gain speed with strategies that went straight to the essential. It is THE key thanks to which I obtained 760 on the GMAT."
  • Benoit P.- GMAT 730 (Increase 190 points)
    "My first score was 540. Taking group classes with my coach, I went up 100 points. Great improvement but I wanted to break 700. Coach Alexander played a decisive role: he gave me strong self mental confidence to continue the quest. He helped me get the best GMAT learning techniques and stick to my objective of beating 700. His consistent encouragement helped me to go through the...
  • Felipe F. - GMAT 730
    “I was not getting the level for schools like Wharton. A few hours with my Coach Alexander made the difference. His simple yet powerful explanations and alternative ideas increased my score to 730! Sometimes the difference between good and great is the ability to focus on the right points: Alexander knows how to teach students to spot these points. Anyone who is not succeeding...
  • Fabien J. - GMAT 720
    "Your quality preparation marked the inflexion point in my GMAT, which I started seeing as a game. I thought the Verbal Section would be my Kryptonite, but your techniques are really great, and I continue to use them now after obtaining 95% in Verbal. Also, I really enjoyed our Math sessions where GMAT always reserves some surprises. You definitely deserve a part of my 720."