STRONG EDUCATION takes special care coaching Executives and EMBA applicants. Having worked with senior talent in industry, academia, and personal development, we respect the particular needs and concerns of experienced professionals, including their work, travel, and family constraints, and will work efficiently for your cause while dedicating the necessary attention and effort to help you transition to the next level in your career.


"To make the right choice of MBA and succeed, you don’t want to do things halfway. You have to make an effort to understand who you are and what you want to do. It was important to have someone help me look back and evaluate my career. I needed someone to get involved in the process and help me put all those elements together. That’s why Alexander's coaching was important. It pushed me to the maximum of my capacity and opened new and better possibilities. I made the right MBA decision."

“It is my pleasure to inform you of my admission to the executive MBA at London Business School for September. Thank you for the very useful help and support for GMAT and the essays. I only used a few hours of applications coaching with you but they were critically important. I had the impression that my case was decided even before the successful interview thank to the essays we did together."

"My first issue was to accept to be challenged by a test (GMAT) after having worked for 20 years! My second one was to convey my profile, my motivations with so few words!  Working with STRONG coaches, GMAT becomes quite fun when you understand how it works; drafting the essays with the coach helps to extract, resume and shape what you want to communicate. Being coached by Alexander is like starting the MBA before the beginning of the program!"

“I got Coach Alexander's name from someone he helped get into Wharton, where I first applied by myself but was not accepted. Coach provided me with:
2-Introspection and recognition of the importance of what I have done in my career
3-Marketing myself
Alexander's coaching through stories and discussions affected me deeply. I felt released from my uncertainty, becoming sure of myself and SELF CONFIDENT – a competent executive who has something to contribute to the world and nothing to prove. I changed my vision of self and got over my impression that top schools were out of reach. Success followed naturally.”