Here are some of the success stories our clients shared about their applications and how they were able to get accepted into top programs with the help of expert coaching and personalized guidance from STRONG EDUCATION. We believe that, like them, you have the potential to bring out your best to make a convincing story for MBA admissions committees.


"For the application, you have to put everything you’ve done into perspective. A big part of the process is introspection. My Coach really helped me with this. The day you experience this kind of coaching, you realize that you could have never made without it an application of this level, depth, and sincerity. I thought about who I was and how I was going to communicate that to the people reading my application. I built a certain confidence during that process. The more I worked on my application, the more I felt I deserved to be in an MBA program."

"Applying to the best MBAs with a 640 GMAT was a challenge. Thanks to my Coach Alexander's efficient method, we built a step by step application strategy to personalize my story and highlight my strengths. Then in the interviews, I was self-confident and perfectly prepared for any challenging question. The coaching was effective. I applied to 4 major MBA programs and received offers from them all."

"The admissions process for the best MBAs is more and more selective. Distinguishing myself from other competing candidates was a veritable challenge. I was able to meet this challenge with great success thanks to Alexander, my coach.  His aid was decisive and crucial. This story was authentically mine but the way it was told and how it presented me was optimized thanks to him. And that’s one of his (multiple!!) strong points: marketing and differentiating the candidate to stand out from the pack throughout the process! And today, having been admitted to Wharton (the best MBA according to FT), I congratulate myself for having taken this decision!"

“A fantastic 100% success rate for all 6 schools and full tuition scholarship. One of the keys of my tremendous success was Coach Alexander's ability to help with the essays. I was able to find the best aspects of my personality and work experience, choose the best examples for each aspect, order and relate ideas, and express them in the best manner.”