Here are some of the stories our clients shared about their GMAT preparation journey and how they were able to achieve their objectives. These successful candidates were not superheroes or intellectual geniuses but motivated people like you willing to work for their MBA goals. With good instruction and support from STRONG EDUCATION, their commitment paid off. We believe you can do it as well.


"I got a 760, far above my initial goal, after only three months of training, which enabled me to get a top score higher and faster than what I could have obtained working alone. Your classes were not a usual place solving problems with a teacher, but a place to learn special techniques to become efficient and reliable. It was a good place to meet other students who shared my frustrations and hopes."

"My first score was 540. Taking group classes with my coach, I went up 100 points. Great improvement but I wanted to break 700. Coach Alexander played a decisive role: he gave me strong self mental confidence to continue the quest. He helped me get the best GMAT learning techniques and stick to my objective of beating 700. His consistent encouragement helped me to go through the challenges that you face in this kind of adventure. My final test result was 730."

"When I began studying for GMAT, I was discouraged. Many courses revised English grammar rules and mathematical formulas while in reality the GMAT required methodology. In a short time with my coach, I learned to maximize efficiency and gain speed with strategies that went straight to the essential. It is THE key thanks to which I obtained 760 on the GMAT."

“I was not getting the level for schools like Wharton. A few hours with my Coach Alexander made the difference. His simple yet powerful explanations and alternative ideas increased my score to 730! Sometimes the difference between good and great is the ability to focus on the right points: Alexander knows how to teach students to spot these points. Anyone who is not succeeding with GMAT but KNOWS they can do better will benefit from this coaching."