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STRONG Education takes a different approach to GMAT Training. You will never be just another body in a class. We train you as a potential GMAT champion and help you get results !

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Discover Europe's Most Experienced Coaches

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STRONG takes a special approach to MBA admissions coaching with high success rates thanks to our client-centered approach, robust methodology, and originality found nowhere else.

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Who We Are

Discover Europe’s Most Experienced Coaches and Best Kept Secret:

STRONG Education founding coaches have a successful international track record with GMAT training, MBA applications, and Executive Coaching. We bring unparalleled passion and experience to help you grow your talents and expand your professional future.

The breakthrough programs we developed and refined over the years have proven extremely efficient at creating GMAT champions and successful top-tier MBA applicants.

As the original coaches who pioneered the “MBA Coaching” concept in France many years ago, STRONG Education developed proven methodology and approaches that maximize our clients’ results in entering Top MBA programs, growing their talents, and expanding their professional future.

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